Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walking On Sunshine (Day 2)

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks! 
This would be the second day at Boracay and I'll be bombarding you guys with photographs of what we did  the second day. 

We did a lot of crazy activities. although I'm going to talk about my outfit first. My outfit for the second day is basically purchased in D mall, Boracay. My Mother and I went around the mall and I saw some swim wear that I really like. We did a little shopping as usual. Girls are girls. hahaha! 

This outfit is basically my favorite since it makes me look much taller than I usually do. I also fell in love with the color because maroon is to die for. I also like the yellow bag because it brings a fresher look to my outfit since the color stands out. 

//Swim Top-Boracay// //Maxi Skirt-Boracay// //Hat-Boracay// //Shades-Boracay// Sleepers-Havaianas// //Bag-Calvin Klein//

Here are some photos on what we did that day. Crazy activities with the ladies.!

We went snorkeling but the bad thing is we weren't able to stay long in the water because the waves are making it really hard for us. such an epic fail although we were able to see the good view under water.

We went Banana boat riding with the ladies and it was an awesome ride looking at the view of the beautiful island of Boracay.


With the ladies! Janelle, Loyd and Joanna.

This ride pretty sums up everything. This is such a crazy ride. It was so energy draining that I can barely walk  back to our hotel. We had a massage afterwards and VUALA! Hoping to go back there again pretty soon.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Walking On Sunshine (Day 1)

Hey Guys!

Nothing beats the Summer breeze during December. How awesome would that be? I personally like going to the beach during this season because it is not too hot nor cold. sometimes, I do visit the beach during summer season although I just can't handle the HOTNESS lol ahahaha!

I went for a Vintage look inspired by Taylor Swift. I don't know why but people keep saying that it reminds them of Taylor Swift especially her new album Red. although, it would look more vintage like if I was wearing the pointed sun glasses. 

I am just really annoyed by the person at the back. EPAAAL! Kidding guys! mehehehehe.

This was actually the first day we were in Boracay and I tell you, we did ate a lot! I just don't have enough time to take pictures of the good food they have. PATAY GUTOM! 0.0

Here are some pictures with the awesome people I'm with. 

I can feel the heat! Hoping to go back this summer? or maybe December. Pwede both?

This is a wonderful view of Boracay! 

//SwimWear-Greenhills// //Hat-Boracay// Shades-Boracay//

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Perks of having a friend.


Long time no Blog Post right? Gosh, how I really miss my fingers pressing on the keyboard and just blogging my heart out! I've been really busy with school since It's been a month of hell. I can't even wait for this pit whole of stress to end! Since I've been gone for a long long time, I would like to share something special that I did for my Photography Class. It was called  Photo Essay. It was our project and I decided to have a few friends as my models. 

My concept is about friendship. Friendship because it is one of the most important blessings in my life. They helped me with what life throws at me. Friendship gives me the warmth of being loved. It really shows how God worked through them. They gave me hope and they strengthen my Faith in God each and every bit of a second you can count and they will never stop being a wall to support me and a cheerful giver of being a blessing in my life. Okay, enough with the drama!

Anyway, I really like the new album Red by Taylor Swift that's why the outfits that I put up are inspired through that. As you can see the Vintage Lady like feel they have on them and don't forget the red lips they have! They look so adorable right? 

So I want to say my Thanks to my lovely models namely Jaycee and Ella for sacrificing their time and effort just to do this shoot for me!  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweet Nothing

Hey Guys!

So this day is so frustrating. I lost my phone while shopping. so, whoever stole it... I hope you're happy! Anyway, I went out with my Mom and my bestfriend, Janelle. First We went to my dentist and off to SM City Iloilo. 

I decided to wear my colored jacket. I really like how it looks. It gives my outfit a pop of color since it has so many colors on it. I also like how it feels. It's so soft. Whenever you wear it, you won't feel the hotness of the weather or the sun itself. It is so comfy. I feel like I'm wearing a soft, light blanket on me. 

The colors on it are so festive. I also tried to look as edgy as possible... that's why I wore those spikes around my neck to show the edginess of the outfit. 


//Jacket-Mags// //Top-Divisoria// //Pants-H&M// //Flats-Montego Bay Club// //Watch-Swatch// //Necklace-VINCCI Singapore// //Sun Glasses-Manila Airport// 

This place is near SM Iloilo, called Plazuela De Iloilo. The place is full of little stands, Bazaar, rather. It's a nice place to hang out with friends and family.