Friday, July 29, 2011

Shop Till We Drop!

Hey Fashionistas! Bai and I went out to go shopping. We went to Makati because we want to go to the nearest FOREVER 21 Shop. We also went to Landmark and we bought a lot of stuff!

So Bai and I are planning to put up a fashion/accessories Business (handmade), so that would be a good idea since I've been doing it all my life but I never thought of selling them to people because I usually just make them for myself. HAHA! I'm planning to put up a Facebook account about the stuff that we will sell and I hope it will turn out just the way we've planned.

Vintage Traveler's Bag ( 549.75 pesos ONLY @ Landmark)

Bai's and mine.


People Are People Black doll shoes for 400 something haha I forgot but People are People are having a Midyear sale so Grab one now! FAST!

To check out Bai's Blog click HERE

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tagaytay Adventure!

My Mom, Tita U-ay, Me and My Brother Carlo

This one was so fun!

Vintage Bathroom!

My Mom and I
The View of Taal!


I ironed my hair for something new to do haha yes I did and I've noticed that a lot of people actually like the look and the idea of having a straight hair so I'm planing to have it relax but not that 100% sure yet cuz I know I'll miss my ugly and wavy hair haha so here are some of my beautiful pics of me having a straight hair...


Hey folks! Sorry for the super late uploads! Well so far for the past few hectic days of my life...Here are some of my outfits for school, Hence the title above. So hope you guys like these outfits and for further info about these go to my Lookbook account which is in my "FOLLOW ME?" page ....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Imagine the Dream

" You are the key to my heart "

Locker's Area

The art of black

Fantasy Blue

The Owl Ring

Photos that I took from the workshop...

I won 3rd Place!

This is my winning Masterpiece!
3rd placer!
HAHA! I can't even believe it.

Optic View Experience

Well I went to a meeting and this is my outfit of the day!

A meeting in Optic View and if you don't know what optic view means... It's called Photography kinda club in our school.

New Friends from OV!