Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Plan: Anti-Bullying



Hey guys!
sooooo, I am planning to have a photo shoot about ANTI-BULLYING although I don't have the date and place for it yet. But for those who are interested, anyone is free to join. 

Bullying is one of the main problem of teens. I want to make a change because I myself had been through bullying. We all need a wake up call. Not only for bullies but for the bullied. We need to stand and learn how to speak up. I know it's hard but we need to treat everybody equally since we are all human beings. No body is different or higher in prior itself. 

I believe that the cast system is BULLSHIT! Even though we can't see it. It's pretty clear to me that everywhere in our society has it and I'm very sure that everybody is aware about this issue.

so guys! why not.... let's make a change? right? Let's not stare but Let's SPEAK NOW! =D

Email me for more info...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A little bit of something.

Hey guys! How was you're week so far?
So I hope all of you are doing great. Anyway, during the 17th birthday of my friend Caryl my friends and I did a little unprepared photo shoot at our school. 

I am actually planing to have a huge one but I don't know when and how haha! I was planing to do it with my friends and who is interested to join the photo shoot. I just want to have fun. although I want to have a photo shoot outside of the school because my school is just lame and boring... I want to have an adventure. well, I'm not sure yet. 

so for now, I want to share these photos that I edited and I want to thank my friend Bea for taking wonderful pictures!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A bucket of events.

Hey guys! How's it going? I am really sorry about not posting for awhile because I've been so busy in school. Speaking about school, our Midterms are coming up next week. So basically we call it The Hell Week. So wish me luck! although I haven't started studying yet and there's a lot of projects to be submitted as well next week. OVERLOAD! I can't even go out this weekend because I have to stay in the dorm to study and do my projects. Life is much more easier before when I was a kid.

I'm having a hard time because this term I am not with my blockmates anymore, we all have different classes already although I made a lot of new friends! =D
Last monday morning I really wanted to go back home ASAP because of the earthquake that happened in our province. My Mom called me that morning and she was panicking because of the strong quake which is 6.9M. I was really worried like Hell! I thank God that my family is fine and safe and my friends as well.

I can't wait till my parents is going here in manila because I miss them so much and I want to hangout with them again.

Anywho, last weekend, it was the 17TH Birthday of my dearest friend named Caryl. My friends and I surprised her in school without her knowing anything. NO IDEA AT ALL. We waited outside her classroom since it was a saturday because she has saturday classes...So anyway we waited for her outside and then when her class ended everybody started to go out of her room and when she got out we yelled... SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOBE!!! and we sang Happy Birthday for her with balloons and a cake.
after that we went out with her mom and her little brother. We went to MOA to eat dinner and to watch a movie with her church friends. I slept over at her Condo... as always... haha my second home. =D

So cutting this off because here are some of the pictures that I've taken during that day or Bea I dunno. hahaha


// Top- Mango// //Skirt and Belt-Plains and Prints // // Bag-Human//  // Shoes-Parisian// // Jewelry-Forever21// // Watch-Swatch//

Have an Awesome day! =D