Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walking On Sunshine (Day 2)

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks! 
This would be the second day at Boracay and I'll be bombarding you guys with photographs of what we did  the second day. 

We did a lot of crazy activities. although I'm going to talk about my outfit first. My outfit for the second day is basically purchased in D mall, Boracay. My Mother and I went around the mall and I saw some swim wear that I really like. We did a little shopping as usual. Girls are girls. hahaha! 

This outfit is basically my favorite since it makes me look much taller than I usually do. I also fell in love with the color because maroon is to die for. I also like the yellow bag because it brings a fresher look to my outfit since the color stands out. 

//Swim Top-Boracay// //Maxi Skirt-Boracay// //Hat-Boracay// //Shades-Boracay// Sleepers-Havaianas// //Bag-Calvin Klein//

Here are some photos on what we did that day. Crazy activities with the ladies.!

We went snorkeling but the bad thing is we weren't able to stay long in the water because the waves are making it really hard for us. such an epic fail although we were able to see the good view under water.

We went Banana boat riding with the ladies and it was an awesome ride looking at the view of the beautiful island of Boracay.


With the ladies! Janelle, Loyd and Joanna.

This ride pretty sums up everything. This is such a crazy ride. It was so energy draining that I can barely walk  back to our hotel. We had a massage afterwards and VUALA! Hoping to go back there again pretty soon.