Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yellow Brick Road

Hey Guys!
How are you? Hope everyone is doing fine. =) 
Today was kind of okay actually. I ate a lot this day! like seriously. =( Bea and I went to Coffee Prince to eat. The food was okay. not that bad. hahaha! Oh well after eating we went back to our dorm and slept. We woke up around 6PM so, good luck with sleeping tonight.

So anyway! This is my outfit of the day. I'm wearing my Black and White Aztec top with a little pop of color for the jeans so that it would not look so boring since I always like wearing black and white. If you guys did or did not remember, I already wore this top in my past blog entry. I mix and match my clothes usually so that I would not buy anything new as much as possible (Nagsasave up) hahahaha!  

Here are some pictures of my outfit that Bea took. Enjoy and have a great week ahead of you! 

//Hat-SM Department Store// //Top-SM Department Store// //Pants-Giordano// //Shoes-H&M// //Bag-Bench// Sunglasses-Forever21// //Necklace-Vincci Accessories Singapore// 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Panorama Night

Hey Folks!

How was the weekend? Mine was Awesome! hahaha! Sorry for not posting my outfits lately. I've been very busy with my plates but finally now, I do have. So I spent my Saturday night at 7th High with my cousin/roommate. I went with her friends from Bacolod and we had a blast! ( Mama, I did not drink.. don't worry. =D ) Hahahaha! I just danced all night long with the pretty ladies from Bacolod. Ilongga kami! 

So here's my outfit for that night... I hope you guys like it! 

Have a great week ahead of you! =D

//Necklace-Gift from Mom// //Dress-Forever21// //Shoes-Figlia// //Clutch-A local store in Bacolod//

Here are some of the pictures from that night.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uprising Temptation

Hey Guys!
How was your day? I hope everything is A-OHKAAY!  I've been busy with my art materials and doing my plates. I'm planning to upload them for you guys to see but I dunno... not pretty sure about it yet. I really enjoy my classes like seriously! I like my DESPRIN class, THE BEST! So, enough with all the school stuff.

This outfit is very simple. I wore this outfit last Monday. (Sorry for the late post! I blame the internet connection.) I really want to be comfy that day because that day was kind of a "chill day" for me. I only had one class. BTW! Speaking of classes, I really hate my PE class! It's Basketball and I have to tell you... it's the worst! I really don't want to stress about hating that subject so anyway, here's my outfit of the day! HAHAHA! 

//Top-H&M// //Pants-Whoops// //Shoes-Vincci (Singapore)// //Watch-Swatch// 
//Earrings-Shop and Mix (Iloilo)// 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hey Folks!

Sorry for the late post! I was about to upload this last night although my editing program was not coordinating with me so thank God I was able to do this when I woke up. Anyway! I just wanna say that I've been loving my classes this term except my Profes class hahahaha I hope I'll get use to it especially my professor. She is kind of scary. 

Anyway, This is my outfit yesterday after school since we're not allowed to wear shorts in school. I went art supply shopping with my friends and at the same time we hanged out. The usual girl bonding. TEEHEE!

Ohhh snap!  I'll leave you with this post and I'm off to my Freehand class and after that I'll be heading to Unight with Caryl and hopefully Bea as well. 

Have a great weekend! 

The title of this blog is actually a song title by Jessie J. =) ( I was listening to it while editing my photos) 

//Hat-SM Department Store// //Top-Ukay-ukay// //Belt-Singapore// //Shorts-Landmark// //Shoes-Market-Market// //Cross Necklace-Forever21// //Earrings-Forever21// //Bag-Charles and Keith//

Friday, September 7, 2012

When is good, good enough?

Hey Folks! 
How was your day? Mine, I just got home from Unight and I had a lot of fun. I went with my good friend, Bea and I met new friends. Yaaaaay! I also went to my Freehand class before going to Unight. My Freehand class was kinda fun? I don't know yet though, I'm kind of scared because I'm really not that good.. Seriously. NOT AT ALL! I have classmates that are so freaking good at drawing and I felt like I'm such a loser. hahahaha!  You just have no idea! I felt like UHHHH! Please naman, I hope I was gifted with that skill. =D But... It will turn out okay! Positive thinking! I will learn how to draw properly soon. =) 

So anyway! Here's my outfit of the day and I hope you guys like it. Have a great weekend! 

//Blazer-Forever21// //Top-Local shop in Iloilo// //Pants-Local shop in Bacolod// //Bag-Herbench// //Shoes-Market-Market// //Hat-SM Department Store// //Watch-Swatch//

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The sound of Bad and Nice

Hey Guys!
It's been a long time huh? I was so busy with my finals that I haven't updated by blog lately. It's such a hassle for me because I only had 12 hours of break from school. hahahaha! yeah right! What a break! 

Anyway! Today is my first day of school. well not really, first day of second term, second year college. I had my first class which is DESPRIN and I have to say I can't wait for it! We will be doing a lot of plates. WOOHHOO! I'm so excited! I will not deal with paper works anymore! Thank goodness! 

So I don't want to blabber anymore..... Here are the pictures of my outfit today!

//Black Cardigan-// //Top-H&M// //Pants-H&M// //Shoes-H&M// //Bag-Betseyville// //Watch-Swatch//