Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stressing Aztec and Dipped

Hey guys!

I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile since our finals are coming up this week and by that... PROJECTS AND REPORTS ARE MADLY OVER FLOWING EVERYWHERE! I've been stressing out in school lately and I've been busy with the family last weekend as well but don't worry! I have lots of new stuff to show you guys so stay tune for that!

Anyway! I would really like to thank my awesome photographer named Calvin Cheng. He's an awesome photographer Promise! I can never say Thank you enough! hahaha! 

So last Friday was very stressful since we had a report in our Poligov class, hence the haggard look on my face! so pardon me for looking so tired in the photos that I'm going to show you. I hope you guys like the outfit though... I just want to be comfy because there's a lot of errands to do so here are the photos!



 Shoes- H&M

 Top-SM Department Store

SO HAGGARD LOOKING! HAHAHAHA! SORRY.... I don't like how I look either hahaha!

Hope you guys liked it!
Have an awesome week ahead of you! =D

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moments like this

Hey Guys!

How was your weekend so far? Mine was tiring although it was worth it. Had an amazing time with friends that I haven't seen for days since I went to Singapore and since the school got suspended. hehe. Tomorrow I'll go back to school again and I don't feel like it. I've been unprodective lately since there's nothing to do actually. haha! One week of suspension did not help me. I became so lazy.=(

Anyway! speaking of friends... I went to Cavite with them last weekend to actually have our term break. That's what my friend, Hanna told us. We had a little vacation and it was hella fun! I'm looking forward for another one! hahaha (Antipolo "daw" maybe?). 

Back to the main point of this blog. So this is our last day in Singapore and we decided to spend our last day in Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We checked in and I have to say, the place was AMAZING! It was my first time to stay in that Hotel. 

My mom and I watched Annie, A musical broadway show, showen in Marina Bay Sands Theater. Annie is my favorite Musical since I was a kid. I know all the songs from that musical and I have to say it was the best experince ever! Thanks to the Best Mother in the world! =D

So here are the photos of the hotel and of course, my outfit.
BTW, I made or should I say... I designed the bottoms I'm wearing and I'm loving it! =) Proud Bella over here! =D

//Vest- SM Department Store// //Top-Divisoria// //Gold Belt-Mother's Closet// //Pants-ME =)// //Flats-Tomato// //Bag-Human// //Necklace-Landmark// //Gold Bracelet-Forver21// //Shades-Forever21//

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Blues

Hey Guys!

I'm so happy today since the sun is already shining not like the past few days. It's been awhile since I've seen a good weather like this in Metro Manila. When I left for Singapore, It's already raining and when I went back it's all the same, still raining haha. 

Anyway, I just want to say if you have any Donations for the victims, Please do. They need clothes, ready to eat foods for them to survive. Please go to the nearest donation center near your place and help those who are in need. =D

Moving on to the main point of my blog, My mom and I went to Johor Premium Outlets, Malaysia and did a lot of shopping again. hehe. That's our last shopping day. "daw" hahahaha! but we failed on that note.

So here are some pictures of My outfit and I hope you guys like it!

This is where my mom and I ate lunch and I have to say it was a mouth watering experience hahaha! The food was great! I hope I can go back there and eat again. Most of the servers were Filipinos! I saw a lot of Filipinos in Malaysia and Singapore. Way to go OFWs! I salute you guys! 

This is a Potato if you guys might wonder.

My Favorite Fish! Salmon! 

 This is when we went back to Singapore already. This is a school named SOTA (School Of The Arts)

//Top-Ukay-ukay// //Gold Belt-My Mother's Closet =P// //Shorts-SM Department Store// //Flats-Tomato// //Necklace-FOREVER21// //Bracelet-Bazaar//

Stay tune for my last two days in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands! 

Welcome To Far Far Away

 Hey Guys!

During my second day in Singapore, My Mother and I went to Universal Studios. I was so excited that morning because I love theme parks since I was young.  Sorry if I'm going to bombard you with a lot of photos.

I just felt like a child again. Sorry but I never get tired of going to theme parks. I love those crazy 4d or 3d rides the same as well with the shows they have.

I really hope I can go back there again. I really enjoyed that day.
One of the best rides are Transformers which is the new one they have and Jurrasic Park.

I also went shopping at the shops they have inside Universal Studios.

So anyway, This is my outfit for that day. I just want to be comfy as much as possible. =)

Stay tune for my Day Trip to Malaysia!

//Jacket-Terranova// //Top-SM Department Store// //Black Shoes-H&M// //Bag-Human// //Marron Watch-Swatch//

Hues of Gold and Black

Hey Guys! 

I hope everyone is doing fine and I hope everyone is safe from the floods around Metro Manila. =(
This is really a sad week for the Filipinos. I hope everyone will work hand and hand to help their fellow citizens. I'm actually planing to join or should I say volunteer on helping the victims. care to join? it'll be fun to help other people! SWEAR!

Alright, I'll try to entertain you guys with my Blog Post. As you've known (or maybe not), I went to Singapore with my Mother (My Mother is my Photographer! Thanks Mommy!) and I had a blast! Hoping to go back there again soon!

So first day, I arrived around 10am pass. I forgot what's the exact time though, SORRY!
First day I went shopping at H&M in Orchard road, Singapore.  I bought a lot! haha. Paminsan lang naman to eh, and plus, there's no H&M here in Manila. =)

After that I ate a lot of good food. that's the one reason I don't want to leave Singapore is because of their good food! hahahaha! 

So here's my outfit that day!

Keep on tuning in for more outfits of the day in Singapore! 

//Top Vest-SM Department Store// //Top-SM Department Store// //Lace Shorts-SM Department Store// //Gold Belt-My Mother's Closet =P// //Flats-Tomato// //Maroon Watch-Swatch// 

 God Bless Everyone! Stand firm in the faith! Keep safe! May God be with us through thick and thin! Don't forget to Pray! ALWAYS!