Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey Folks!

Well...for the past few days now, I really miss my blockmates and I don't know why but I think I'm getting sentimental about it. HAHA! Not really. Oh well took a lot of photos through my i-touch since I'm to lazy to bring my DLSR camera in school because the camera is all big and bulky, it's very heavy as well to carry. as far as I know I'm a lazy person. Well, It depends though. I'm just that lazy to carry it with me because it will undergo some paper signing in school.

I'm planning to buy and Ipad because I think it's cool. I don't know. Hanna, My good friend told me that it's better than an I-touch because it's bigger and it's easy to take notes on everything. 
I also want to buy it for movie purposes as well because in the main stream of it... BIGGER SCREEN, BETTER VIEWING. 
I also like reading books that I downloaded from the internet so basically it is hard for me to read it from my 
i-touch since it is small. So I don't know. I might buy one. I want to. 

Anyway, I was reunited with my friends and I even sat in one of their classes  and I felt really happy because it felt like we were classmates again.

The days tick by so fast that it's almost midterms. STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. O.O Speaking of study, I am so pissed about my Environmental Chemistry class. I always get a low grade in everything! I'm the only student in that class who does not understand anything the Prof. teaches. URRRH! I feel so stupid in that class. even now, when I come to think of it. LOSER! I need to get a tutor for that class. anyone? HAHAHA! 

Okay enough with the ranting... 
Here are some Photos from my i-touch. ( Some are edited for facebook purposes. LOL )




Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loosing Our Minds!

Hey Guys!

So yesterday was pretty awesome. Bea and I was able to hangout with Joanna Sue. We went to Divisoria and did some shopping although Joanna didn't bought anything but Bea and I about a lot of nail art stuff. I also bought a Crop top.

After shopping and all we were planing to go to LandMark but it didn't pushed trough because we stayed at our dorm. While I was cooking our lunch, Sue and Bea went to Harizon to buy some fruits for lunch.
we ate at the pool area which is really cool because we were the only people who was there as always. HAHAHA! Parati walang tao dun. SOO HELL YEAH!

After eating we danced and Bea and I was trying to learn some Korean dances which I think is cool. I already know the steps of 2NE1's I am the Best.

We went at the Jim area and we played ping-pong since it was the P.E. lesson of  Bea and Sue. I was able to learn how to play it more properly and we had loads of fun!

Took a lot of pictures that day so here are some of them.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Up, Up and Away to the City.

Hey Guys!
 Took a lot of cool photos at My friend's Condo. Great, Great view of Metro Manila and I want to share it with you guys.

After taking some cool photos My friends namely Charles and Caryl and I went to Rob. Mall and did some shopping. It was super fun. I bought a cool Victorian Skin for my laptop and some protector for my Phone and itouch. We ate our lunch at the food court. YUMMY! After the mall andventure we went home at caryl's place just to drop the stuff that we bought and we went to Bay View (Roxas Bulvd.) to see the sunset.

The best part of that day is When we walked from Roxas Bulvd. to CCPT just to eat our Lala with Suka. HAHA! It was so tiring walking that far. although it was fun!

We ate our dinner at caryl's place. before eating our dinner we went to the SPA to have some relaxation and it was AWESOME. I'm surely that we're going back next week for another session. It was so relaxing after the SPA because We got stressed out from all the errands from school and other life errands. Now, we're Stress free! But not for long. I need to study for 2 tests on tuesday. KILL ME NOW!

After that day, I slept over at Caryl's place and Charles ended up sleeping there as well. haha! FUN!

Anyway, Here are some crazy photos with them.