Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loosing Our Minds!

Hey Guys!

So yesterday was pretty awesome. Bea and I was able to hangout with Joanna Sue. We went to Divisoria and did some shopping although Joanna didn't bought anything but Bea and I about a lot of nail art stuff. I also bought a Crop top.

After shopping and all we were planing to go to LandMark but it didn't pushed trough because we stayed at our dorm. While I was cooking our lunch, Sue and Bea went to Harizon to buy some fruits for lunch.
we ate at the pool area which is really cool because we were the only people who was there as always. HAHAHA! Parati walang tao dun. SOO HELL YEAH!

After eating we danced and Bea and I was trying to learn some Korean dances which I think is cool. I already know the steps of 2NE1's I am the Best.

We went at the Jim area and we played ping-pong since it was the P.E. lesson of  Bea and Sue. I was able to learn how to play it more properly and we had loads of fun!

Took a lot of pictures that day so here are some of them.

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