Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goes on and on

It was raining so hard that day that there was a storm named "Mina" and it was kind of scary since we will be traveling trough the mountains and yes it was very risky yet we still pushed it through because since almost everyone was excited about that day.

Outfit for the Night. ( Ironically speaking... but yes it was raining so hard)

Well as you did NOT know, My last post was about the birthday celebration on Avrille but it did not end there. Kitkat, Pauline and I went to Tagaytay and some highschool friends of avrille. We ate sweets before dinner since all were waiting for a table in a certain resto and it ends up eating dinner in a different place.

After that yummy dinner Kitkat and Carlos went ahead and for us, before we went home we went to buy buko pie somewhere in Tagaytay and in fact we all did haha. While having the long drive going to avrille's house we decided to stop over Starbucks and buy some drinks. We all went to her house for a sleepover since it was so late like around 12 midnight. We stayed up until 6:00AM talking and talking.


Cafe Noriter

So Her ( Avrille ) 18th birthday was on Aug. 25 and I only got the time to blog about it now since I've been very busy with a lot of stuff. My Blockmates and I went to this cute coffee shop which avrille like very much because the place is so relaxing and CUTE at the same time... Honestly speaking even though the place is so nice and cute the drinks they sell or even their food is very expensive. HAHA random rant...

This was My Outfit of the day.

Anyway... It was the birthday girl who was late for her own party and It was pretty stressful since the owner was almost dragging us out the coffee shop because it was just to many to handle I guess so yeah...

When Kitkat Arrived, we all went to Bai's condo to eat the cake that avrille brought since it was not allowed inside the coffee shop so we went there to eat and do some Photo shoot. We sang happy birthday to avrille and before kitkat went home since she had a very important to attend to we took some group photo with the cake.

After eating we just talk with each other and laugh until we all felt tired and did some last photo taking.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I don't know where to go from here.

Last night, as I was getting ready to sleep, I can't seem to " not think " because I had this feeling of something bad is going to happen but I ignored it since it's already very late and the fact that I'm stressed out from all the school work.

When I was sleeping I had a dream about how happy I am with my new friends, in which indeed I am. I also found one of my real friends and I know she won't let me down ( I hope ). If your reading this I bet you know who you are... sister... hmmmm... yeah you know who you are. HAHA

When I woke up, the weather was fine, it was a bright and sunny day ( as usual dito sa Pilipinas ). I woke up around 6:30am, took a bath, fix myself and walk myself to school. I was memorizing my talumpati while walking which some people might think that I was crazy since I was talking to myself gradually. It never came across to my mind on what I've thought last night, So I kept walking and walking until I reach my school, up to my classroom.

I was still memorizing my talumpati in front of my friend mean while "sister" arrived. I was still memorizing my talumpati. We went up to the caf to accompany one of my friend to buy her breakfast since she's hungry. We were talking about this other friend who is being a little kid and then suddenly, while we were talking, another friend arrived. :D

We went back to the classroom for our first class INSOCIO and until that lunch time the vibe was pretty good. Actually it was a great day...Happy happy day not until first class after lunch when one of my friend opened up about something really really shocking in a way that it was hard for me to take in and it was very heavy for me to carry from within.

I did not realize I was hurting people, people in which I call, friends. I was not able to react what I want to react towards her topic. I kept repeating and repeating myself explaining to her how I feel towards it but I can't seem to put it onto the right path. We've been talking on a yellow pad paper... passing notes, as usual. until it comes to the point that I can't take it anymore that I cried without her knowing it. It was hard... VERY HARD being in the center. I really want to tell her "YES" but I kept saying we're good. It's all fine with me.

I just don't want to be left behind by someone I truly care about and being so close with. I don't know why but I think it's normal to feel that way towards her since she's one of a kind friend. Right? Speaking of this person, that night I texted her a flood that one of my barkada texted me which is very sweet. She texted me back like " auww kasama din pala ako sa 7" well yes of course!, I told her... Being all sabaw with all the stress pills that our professors have been subscribing us with...

Okay.. you might tell me that I'm being all dramatic and stuff well... FUCK U... JUST READ!
ok... KIDDING! but yeah... ( Evil laugh ) :D

I mean... I bet you already get my point here.

You know the feeling of being held by a friend can really cure everything inside means a lot to me. That's why I'm contented with life with just my friends and family... Trust me she's one of the awesome people that I've talk to in college and now, without me knowing she's more than a friend to me...sisters I may say but I did remember the fact that she told me that she also sees me as a " sister " :D YEEEEEE!

Okay, my main point is either close friends or not I don't want to lose them either way.

I hope this is clear enough on what my heart truly feels.

( P.S SORRY FOR ALL THE WRONG GRAMMARS, Forgive thy sin, It was 12:52 midnight and that means I was half asleep half awake) TEEEHEEE

-BELLA ::0

Monday, August 15, 2011

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

Behind this is STRESS!

So yeah, this blog post would be me ranting about how stressful college life is. I just have to let it out everything here.
School right now is killing me! All the work needs to be done by this week. Essay here, essay there and guess what? Talumpati is on my way on friday ( Talumpati = Tagalog speech ) which I have started memorizing maybe about 2 paragraphs out of 7 which, I have to deal with 5 more! Everything has been drowning from left to right, well, I guess I have.

I am very worried about my COMSKI and other subjects. I'm not that worried about my PHILIEN subject because I know, I passed and my grade there is pretty high.. TEEHHEEE

2 weeks from now would be my final exams and I'm pretty much NOT ready yet. I need to study ASAP especially ALGEBRA! I've been out of touch pretty much everyday. I can't seem to classify my studies and life-to-life bases. I can't seem to concentrate as much as I was before. I've been down a lot lately and life sucks for now.

I've been dealing with a lot of heartbreaks, friendship problems and learning how to budget my money. I honestly need a break from all this crap! Now, I can say Life is indeed a living hell.

I am also worried about myself lately. I can see that I've been sleeping very late maybe around 1-3 am in the morning because I just can't sleep at all. INSOMNIA! I am starting to get sick with a flue and I know, I'll try my very best to relax...IF I ONLY HAVE TIME!

The only thing that makes me relax is whenever I'm with my friends and whenever I pray because I know he will be willing to help me.

Therefore I conclude... I will sleep and sleep during our term break which is btw 4 days only including weekends. so yeah what a break!

Pauline, Avrille, Kitkat and I

Me, Bai and Avrille

Kitkat, Me, Avrille and Caryl

Photos from INSOCIO class...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Inside My Heart

Hey guys! Sorry if this is so random and so out of place.. erm I just wanna say how I feel for a long time and I want to rant about how stupid I can be. Well this is from a korean song named 0330 By UKiss and I really love it. Hope you get Inspired by this little post.

This is a photo shoot we have with my friend Avrille so I guess, It kinda shows through the pictures on how the song brings it's message to you readers... ENJOY :D

Yo, listen up
This is my tragic story
Just the breaking of my heart
Check it

I still can’t erase you, I keep thinking about you
I want to see you so badly, I can’t sleep at night
The sound of rain that thumps on the window of my heart
The spot that you gave up, I miss you so much
I can’t sleep at all at night

Your backside leaving by avoiding the rain
I can’t anything, again
So everyday I regret it, I’m sorry
I pray, I want you to be back
I can’t, I can’t touch you
I can’t be patient because it’s a day that doesn’t exist
The tears in my eyes flow down
Again, will I be able to forget you

I still can’t erase you, I keep thinking about you
I want to see you so badly, I can’t sleep at night
The sound of rain that thumps on the window of my heart
The spot that you gave up, I miss you so much
I can’t sleep at all at night

All night I only think about you, I can’t sleep
Why did I turn on this love show?
The distance between you and I has gotten bigger
I was the servant of this love
Why did we fight? Why were we like this?
Did you lost the sight? We loved each other
Why am I frozen right now?
Dummy, what I need is you

Your shoulders are limp
Your sight, the ground collapses
You hit my stuffy heart
I can imagine you praying to the sky
With your hands clasped together
Let’s forget everything, all the bad memories
(I’m sorry) I know how you’ll react
I can only say sorry

I still can’t erase you, I keep thinking about you
I want to see you so badly, I can’t sleep at night
The sound of rain that thumps on the window of my heart
The spot that you gave up, I miss you so much
I can’t sleep at all at night
Oh nights like tonight, tonight, oh…

You and I, don’t let go of our string
Don’t deny our r2π
Come to me, it’s all okay now
Again, again, let’s start everything again

I can’t sleep at night

I still can’t erase you, I keep thinking about you
I want to see you so badly, I can’t sleep at night

The sound of rain that thumps on the window of my heart
The spot that you left, I miss you so much

I can’t sleep at night