Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goes on and on

It was raining so hard that day that there was a storm named "Mina" and it was kind of scary since we will be traveling trough the mountains and yes it was very risky yet we still pushed it through because since almost everyone was excited about that day.

Outfit for the Night. ( Ironically speaking... but yes it was raining so hard)

Well as you did NOT know, My last post was about the birthday celebration on Avrille but it did not end there. Kitkat, Pauline and I went to Tagaytay and some highschool friends of avrille. We ate sweets before dinner since all were waiting for a table in a certain resto and it ends up eating dinner in a different place.

After that yummy dinner Kitkat and Carlos went ahead and for us, before we went home we went to buy buko pie somewhere in Tagaytay and in fact we all did haha. While having the long drive going to avrille's house we decided to stop over Starbucks and buy some drinks. We all went to her house for a sleepover since it was so late like around 12 midnight. We stayed up until 6:00AM talking and talking.


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