Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cafe Noriter

So Her ( Avrille ) 18th birthday was on Aug. 25 and I only got the time to blog about it now since I've been very busy with a lot of stuff. My Blockmates and I went to this cute coffee shop which avrille like very much because the place is so relaxing and CUTE at the same time... Honestly speaking even though the place is so nice and cute the drinks they sell or even their food is very expensive. HAHA random rant...

This was My Outfit of the day.

Anyway... It was the birthday girl who was late for her own party and It was pretty stressful since the owner was almost dragging us out the coffee shop because it was just to many to handle I guess so yeah...

When Kitkat Arrived, we all went to Bai's condo to eat the cake that avrille brought since it was not allowed inside the coffee shop so we went there to eat and do some Photo shoot. We sang happy birthday to avrille and before kitkat went home since she had a very important to attend to we took some group photo with the cake.

After eating we just talk with each other and laugh until we all felt tired and did some last photo taking.


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