Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bright As The Sun

Hey guys!

So Yesterday, I went to school around lunch time and I ate with my friends. I also had a long quiz in my Political Government Class. It is going to be a Hell week next week because It is our midterm exams.
My class during Fridays are really stressful since my last class ends around 9PM. Sad reality of life. That's why I wasn't able to blog this after school because I was so tired although I stayed up late last night. hahaha! I'm currently having a headache and those heavy eyes feeling. I know, I'm such a loser. hahahaha 

So anyway! enough rambling, This is my outfit of the day. (Yesterday)

Have a great weekend ahead of you!

//Top-Market Market, Fashion Market// //Necklace-Landmark// //Leggings-Market Market, Fashion Market// //Bracelet-Shop and Mix Iloilo City// //Bag-Charles and Keith// //Pumps-Brash//

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lady in Red

Hey Guys!

So my friend, Hanna and I went to Market Market. I went there again today. She was looking for a nice affordable blazer and good thing we found one.

This morning it was so gloomy and it was even raining although good thing it stopped. Oh, Happy Day! I walked around and my feet hurts haha! Whenever I'm with my friend, Hanna, My feet always hurts. I dunno why. 

So anyway, This is my outfit of the day. 

//Red Dress-Mags// //Bag-Charles and Keith// //Statement Necklace-Landmark// //Shoes-M+Y (Market Market-Fashion Market) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prints, Plains and Colors

Hey Guys!

In my previews blog. I mentioned that I was in Bonofacio High Street with a good friend, Gella. We shopped at Market Market. 
I enjoyed hanging out with her. We are hanging out again next week. hahahaha! 
So here are the things that I bought from Market Market. I bought these things from different stores in the Fashion Bazaar section. 


Reversible Bag-Follow Your Heart (350.00 Pesos)


I've been looking for a perfect nude flat shoes and I found one for a really cheap price!

Nude Shoes-M+Y (450.00 Pesos)


Floral Leggings-Top and Bottom (400.00 Pesos)


Tank Top-Artwork (150.00 Pesos)

The Golden Landslide

Hey Guys!

Today, I went to Bonifacio Global City to take some photos for my POLIGOV (Political Government) Project. I went with a good friend of mine, Gella. Gella and I was just walking around Global City and took some good photos. She took my photos and I like how she took them.

After walking around, we decided to eat our lunch at Shakey's, Market Market. After eating our lunch we decided to go round Market Market and as I expected I bought some stuff. OMG I need to stop buying or else I don't have money to buy food. BAD BELLA!

Market Market is a cheap place to shop especially the Fashion Bazaar section. =D Happy girl over here!

So anywhooooo, Here are the Photos of what I was wearing.

Have an awesome day!

//Top-(I forgot where my mom bought this, it does not have any tag at the back. Sorry, I'm such a loser! hehehe. I'll update it if I remember.)// //Black Leggings-SM Department Store// //Shoes-Possibility// //Bag-Landmark// //Gold Bangles-Shop and Mix (Iloilo City)// //Watch-Agift from my Aunt// Necklace-Landmark// 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black, Pink and Natural

Hey Folks!

Basing on what I said earlier, I went to MOA with my friend Hanna and I decided to show the stuff that I bought basically my Mother wants to see it so here it is!

I went to SM Department store because things are much cheaper there. You'll find a lot of great and affordable things.... That's why I love SM so much! hahahaha!

So first I bought two make-ups from Elf. What I love about Elf is that the products are good and VERY AFFORDABLE. So two thumbs up for Elf!

// Blush and Bronzer Palette-249.75 Pesos//

//Lip Stain-249.75 Pesos//

//Leather Coin Purse-149.75 Pesos//

//Aztec Top-399.75 Pesos//

//Black Leggings-399.74 Pesos//

Here are the things that I purchased from SM Department Store. =)

A Gloomy Tuesday

Hey guys!

Today is such a gloomy day since we're having a low pressure in our country. I hate gloomy days! It makes me sad. =( 

During my six hours break. My friend and I went to MOA. We have nothing to do in school anyway so we decided to go to the mall since MOA is the biggest and nearest mall in our school.

When we were at the Department Store, I saw a lot of cute stuff and decided to buy them as usual hahaha Shopaholic much, Bella?

I bought two stuff from Elf and a Aztec Top with black leggings. 

Anyway! Here are some of the photos of what I'm wearing today.

Have a great Day ahead of you!

//Turban-Girl Shoppe// // Top-Robinson's Mall Iloilo// //Pants-A Local Boutique in Bacolod// // Bag-Charles and Keith// // Flats-Folded and Hung// //Bracelet-Shop and Mix Iloilo// // Watch- A gift//