Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bright As The Sun

Hey guys!

So Yesterday, I went to school around lunch time and I ate with my friends. I also had a long quiz in my Political Government Class. It is going to be a Hell week next week because It is our midterm exams.
My class during Fridays are really stressful since my last class ends around 9PM. Sad reality of life. That's why I wasn't able to blog this after school because I was so tired although I stayed up late last night. hahaha! I'm currently having a headache and those heavy eyes feeling. I know, I'm such a loser. hahahaha 

So anyway! enough rambling, This is my outfit of the day. (Yesterday)

Have a great weekend ahead of you!

//Top-Market Market, Fashion Market// //Necklace-Landmark// //Leggings-Market Market, Fashion Market// //Bracelet-Shop and Mix Iloilo City// //Bag-Charles and Keith// //Pumps-Brash//

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