Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Gloomy Tuesday

Hey guys!

Today is such a gloomy day since we're having a low pressure in our country. I hate gloomy days! It makes me sad. =( 

During my six hours break. My friend and I went to MOA. We have nothing to do in school anyway so we decided to go to the mall since MOA is the biggest and nearest mall in our school.

When we were at the Department Store, I saw a lot of cute stuff and decided to buy them as usual hahaha Shopaholic much, Bella?

I bought two stuff from Elf and a Aztec Top with black leggings. 

Anyway! Here are some of the photos of what I'm wearing today.

Have a great Day ahead of you!

//Turban-Girl Shoppe// // Top-Robinson's Mall Iloilo// //Pants-A Local Boutique in Bacolod// // Bag-Charles and Keith// // Flats-Folded and Hung// //Bracelet-Shop and Mix Iloilo// // Watch- A gift// 


Verna Abril said...

I like your top!


Isabella said...

Hey There, Verna!

Thank you I like this top as well! Thanks for dropping by!