Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wishful Thinking

Hey guys!

How are you feeling today? Well, I'm on a break again. hahaha I did this blog already because I'll be busy doing my home work tonight. Intecom is like killing me already. My Professor is giving us a hard time when it comes to home works. She gives those "project like home works". so, Kill me now! =|

ohh yeah, I want to share that I'm going to have a quiz later and I'm doing this blog even though I haven't studied yet. hahaha That's how much I love you guys!  

Anyway, This blog post is very exciting because I did a photo shoot with these fellow bloggers. We had a lot of fun shooting it. So this is the most awaited Outfit of the Day Blog and stay tune for more! 

We're planning to have a huge Photo Shoot at The Fort. The Theme would be Black Romance, so that would be very exciting. I can't wait for it!  I'm going to try to have other Bloggers as much as possible but It's going to happen around next month since everybody is kind of busy. 

On Saturday We are also planning to do a different  Outfit of the Day Theme. The setting will be different so  stay tune for that as well!

// Top-The Ramp // // Pants-Local boutique ( Bacolod City ) // Shoes-(Parisian) SM Department // // Necklace-Landmark // Bracelet-Shop and Mix (Iloilo City) // Bag-Landmark // 

// Top-Divisoria // Shorts-Online Shop // // Shoes-The Ramp // Necklace-Landmark // 

To know more about her outfit check out her blog!

Finally I did a Photo shoot with one of my good friend, Jasper although he does not have any blog but please do stay tune if you want to see more of Jasper Velarde. =)

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