Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colors and Metals

Hey Folks!

How are you? I had an idea of sharing what I like collecting and some of my friends are asking me what I like to collect so I want to share what I love and I hope you guys enjoy. 

First I like collecting nail polishes because I want some of that "pop of color" on my nails. Having nail polish is something not boring. It brings color to your outfit and your look. although sometimes you need to rest on putting nail polish on your nails because your nails might turn yellowish and that's unhealthy. Always remember to put a base coat before putting on dark nail polish on you nails. so that it will remain healthy. =) 

so here are my Nail Polish Collection. 

My favorite collection ever are my accessories. I'm sharing my ring collection because I'm really shy to show every accessories I have. I think that would be a little bit to much of a show. Maybe some other time. 

Having accessories is really important for me because it pumps up my outfits and it shows much more drama on my look. It can turn your simple outfit to something extravagant. 

So here are my rings and I hope you guys like it. =)

Hope you guys enjoyed my collection! Take Care and have a good week ahead of you!

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