Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Drop of Diamond

 Hey Guys!

Sup? So today was an awesome day because I don't have any class. Yeeiipeee! I usually don't have class during Mondays and Wednesdays, That's what I call, my Party days but I don't usually go to parties only special occasions, ( You know what I mean... ) Kidding!

Oh well, I went shopping today with a good friend of mine, William. We had lunch together at Mashita, University Mall. After eating lunch we decided to go to Makati City to go to the mall. We went to Greenbelt, SM Makati and Landmark.

As I was expecting, I bought stuff hahaha "The Confession of a College Shopaholic" naaah not really. I bought Fashion Jewelries because I know that I can't afford those real ones. I'm only using my savings from my "BAON".

So we went to FOREVER21 but surprisingly I didn't buy anything. I was about to buy a hat but I ended up not getting it.

Anywho, I must stop rambling again. So here are the Photos that I personally took. =) Enjoy!

// Landmark (Jewelry Section-199.75) // 

// Landmark (Jewelry Section-229.75 Pesos) //

// Landmark (Jewelry Section-229.75 Pesos) //

So, These are the statement Necklaces that I currently purchased from Landmark. What I like about Landmark is the prices they have. Very Affordable. =)

// SM Accessories-349.75 Pesos //

//  The Ramp  (Willow) - 299.75 Pesos // 

It's a Top BTW.

The Ramp is currently having a sale that's why I got it with a cheap price. 

These are all the products that I've purchased.


Anonymous said...

love it bella! would <3 to see you around campus wearing those!

Isabella said...

Hey there! I'm going to be wearing them tomorrow! haha! I'll be wearing the brown and gold Necklace with the black top. going to wash it tonight for me to wear it tomorrow! <3

Thanks for dropping by!