Thursday, June 14, 2012

As Far As You Can See

Hey guys!

How are you today? since it's already the rainy season, I really like wearing those comfortable clothes  because it would be a hassle to wear a lot of heavy stuff on your body while it's raining and flooding at the same time. I don't like wearing high heels if the roads are wet from the rain. Since the roads around Taft is not heels friendly hahaha! Seriously, it's not. 

so here is my outfit of the day.... =)

P.S Be careful and stay safe guys, since there will be a storm coming in our country. =)

// Top-SM Department //  Tribal Bottoms-SM Department // Shoes-The Ramp // Necklace-Bazaar // Rings-Mix and Match (Iloilo City) //  Bag-H&M (Hong Kong) // 


mestizay said...

Gorgeous leggings! so unique!

Isabella said...

Ohh Hey There Mestizay! Thank you so much! God bless you!