Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey guys!
Well My friends and I did a little photo shoot while waiting for another friend. It was really fun doing it with them. I also like how the photos turned out to. The outfits are all put up together by me and my closet hahaha. Yep these are my clothes. We planed this photo shoot really randomly. 

While My friends and I are watching New Year's Eve which by the way is a great movie!,I randomy ask them if they want to do the photo shoot and Game naman sila to do it so yeah here are the photos. =)))

Introducing Loyd.

Introducing Janelle

Loyd, Janelle and I

That would be me.

This was just all for fun and I hope you guys liked it. HAHA! I'll miss them so much since it's almost Jan.3 and then that means Going back to school. I love them so much til death do us part! 

Want to say thanks to Valerry  for taking pictures in some of the Photos. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Drizzling Adventure

Hello folks! How was the holidays? I'm pretty sure you had an awesome time with your friends and family. So, Today, I went out with my High school sisters because we had nothing to do within that day so I decided to call my friend, Janelle that I would come over at her house with my other two friends to hang out even if it was drizzling.

We went from being lost to being VAIN. To be honest, we went from one house to another just to take pictures of ourselves. in fact, we enjoyed being Vain for the entire day and I just want to hang out with my friends before I go back to school in manila. SULITIN NA! 

Outifit of the day!

With My High School Friends!

We got out of tracked when we first entered the place and it was funny because I myself went there a couple of times already and still, I can't freaking memorize were I should go. It's because the houses looks exactly the same! GOOOSSSH! We really got lost! Oh well, We went to these model houses of "Parc Regency" and It was a pretty much a Vain adventure. HAHAHA! 

Photo of the day!

My Favorite Picture ever!
Thanks Guys!

Don't Forget To Hype!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Symphony of Lights

Merry Christmas Nihhgaas! Well I went to Ayala Triangle - Makati to watch some awesome lights and I may say that it was worth it. I went with my Mom, Cousins and my Tita. This was last Dec.22 2011 well eventually yesterday. 

My AWESOME Mother and My ever SWEETEST Tita Malou XD

With my Cousin Miguel =)

My AWESOME Mother! Haha yeah mama! One fact about her is her birthday is on Dec. 25! 

The best cousins you can ever have in the whole world! Maita and Monica.

with My Cousin Maita.

With Miguel

with Mama again.


Hope you guys liked it! Thank you! Happy Holidays!