Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweet Nothing

Hey Guys!

So this day is so frustrating. I lost my phone while shopping. so, whoever stole it... I hope you're happy! Anyway, I went out with my Mom and my bestfriend, Janelle. First We went to my dentist and off to SM City Iloilo. 

I decided to wear my colored jacket. I really like how it looks. It gives my outfit a pop of color since it has so many colors on it. I also like how it feels. It's so soft. Whenever you wear it, you won't feel the hotness of the weather or the sun itself. It is so comfy. I feel like I'm wearing a soft, light blanket on me. 

The colors on it are so festive. I also tried to look as edgy as possible... that's why I wore those spikes around my neck to show the edginess of the outfit. 


//Jacket-Mags// //Top-Divisoria// //Pants-H&M// //Flats-Montego Bay Club// //Watch-Swatch// //Necklace-VINCCI Singapore// //Sun Glasses-Manila Airport// 

This place is near SM Iloilo, called Plazuela De Iloilo. The place is full of little stands, Bazaar, rather. It's a nice place to hang out with friends and family.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Live while were young.

Hey Folks!
I went to a debut party. I was an MC together with my bestfriend, Janelle. I think we did a pretty good job!
First, I was kinda not that confident since it's my first time to be an MC for a debut.

Anyway! I went shopping this morning for my outfit but I like how I look. I went for an edgy look so that it would look more different. What I love about this outfit is my shoes. I think it really did made my outfit stand out last night. 

I wanna thank...Janelle for my make-up and my lovely photos!

Hope you guys will like it! Have a great week ahead of you! God Bless! 

//Dress-People are People// //Shoes-Rajo Parisian// //Bag-Charles and Keith// //Earrings-SM Department Store// 

Here are some photos! =D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beads and Strings

Hey Guys!!!
How are you? It's been a long time AGAIN hahaha how I miss blogging. I've been really busy with my plates lately. =( Anyway! I'm sharing my plate in my DESPRIN class. It's a self portrait using beads and strings. It was not that hard although you need a lot of patience to do this plate. seriously. I've been lacking sleep because of this. I know it looks easy to do but it is time consuming, especially if you have a lot of other plates in different subjects. No matter how time consuming this plate would take,I enjoyed making this plate. I hope you guys will try it out. =) It's a great practice to improve your patience. It helped me a lot in improving mine. 

Black beads
Black string
Tracing paper

So here are some pictures of it. 

I felt so happy and accomplished after everything. The hardship and Social life sacrifices I made! ( Being OA here) just kidding! Hope you guys enjoyed and have a nice week ahead of you. God Bless! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crystal Night

Hey Folks!
How is everything going? Hope everyone is well and good. 
Today, I had my 8am-11am class and that's all hahaha! after that, I took a 4 hours nap and it feels great! This week is a full. I have allergy attacks and it's pretty darn bad. Praying that everything will turn out fine.
Speaking of praying, I went to Night of Worship and I prayed for a lot of people and it feels so good. I went with Bea and Caryl. It was an awesome night of worship. Nothing beats God's love for us! =D 

Anyway, This is my outfit of the night. I used an orange bag for a pop of color and I hope you guys like it!

Have a great week ahead! God Bless! 

//Top-A gift// //Shorts-SM Department Store// //Shoes-Celine// //Bag-Marc Jacobs//