Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crystal Night

Hey Folks!
How is everything going? Hope everyone is well and good. 
Today, I had my 8am-11am class and that's all hahaha! after that, I took a 4 hours nap and it feels great! This week is a full. I have allergy attacks and it's pretty darn bad. Praying that everything will turn out fine.
Speaking of praying, I went to Night of Worship and I prayed for a lot of people and it feels so good. I went with Bea and Caryl. It was an awesome night of worship. Nothing beats God's love for us! =D 

Anyway, This is my outfit of the night. I used an orange bag for a pop of color and I hope you guys like it!

Have a great week ahead! God Bless! 

//Top-A gift// //Shorts-SM Department Store// //Shoes-Celine// //Bag-Marc Jacobs// 

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