Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yellow Brick Road

Hey Guys!
How are you? Hope everyone is doing fine. =) 
Today was kind of okay actually. I ate a lot this day! like seriously. =( Bea and I went to Coffee Prince to eat. The food was okay. not that bad. hahaha! Oh well after eating we went back to our dorm and slept. We woke up around 6PM so, good luck with sleeping tonight.

So anyway! This is my outfit of the day. I'm wearing my Black and White Aztec top with a little pop of color for the jeans so that it would not look so boring since I always like wearing black and white. If you guys did or did not remember, I already wore this top in my past blog entry. I mix and match my clothes usually so that I would not buy anything new as much as possible (Nagsasave up) hahahaha!  

Here are some pictures of my outfit that Bea took. Enjoy and have a great week ahead of you! 

//Hat-SM Department Store// //Top-SM Department Store// //Pants-Giordano// //Shoes-H&M// //Bag-Bench// Sunglasses-Forever21// //Necklace-Vincci Accessories Singapore// 

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