Friday, September 7, 2012

When is good, good enough?

Hey Folks! 
How was your day? Mine, I just got home from Unight and I had a lot of fun. I went with my good friend, Bea and I met new friends. Yaaaaay! I also went to my Freehand class before going to Unight. My Freehand class was kinda fun? I don't know yet though, I'm kind of scared because I'm really not that good.. Seriously. NOT AT ALL! I have classmates that are so freaking good at drawing and I felt like I'm such a loser. hahahaha!  You just have no idea! I felt like UHHHH! Please naman, I hope I was gifted with that skill. =D But... It will turn out okay! Positive thinking! I will learn how to draw properly soon. =) 

So anyway! Here's my outfit of the day and I hope you guys like it. Have a great weekend! 

//Blazer-Forever21// //Top-Local shop in Iloilo// //Pants-Local shop in Bacolod// //Bag-Herbench// //Shoes-Market-Market// //Hat-SM Department Store// //Watch-Swatch//

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