Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uprising Temptation

Hey Guys!
How was your day? I hope everything is A-OHKAAY!  I've been busy with my art materials and doing my plates. I'm planning to upload them for you guys to see but I dunno... not pretty sure about it yet. I really enjoy my classes like seriously! I like my DESPRIN class, THE BEST! So, enough with all the school stuff.

This outfit is very simple. I wore this outfit last Monday. (Sorry for the late post! I blame the internet connection.) I really want to be comfy that day because that day was kind of a "chill day" for me. I only had one class. BTW! Speaking of classes, I really hate my PE class! It's Basketball and I have to tell you... it's the worst! I really don't want to stress about hating that subject so anyway, here's my outfit of the day! HAHAHA! 

//Top-H&M// //Pants-Whoops// //Shoes-Vincci (Singapore)// //Watch-Swatch// 
//Earrings-Shop and Mix (Iloilo)// 

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