Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fast Forward and Play.

Hey Guys!

How was your day? well mine is okay. I'm currently on a break and what's sad about this day is the rain. It was raining so hard that I got wet even if I had an umbrella. Good thing I did this photo shoot awhile ago before the rain started. I had lunch with my friends namely Hanna and Bea at Kenny Rogers and I ate a salad today with two servings hahaha. I'm trying to loose weight in my stomach because it's pretty big, I know it doesn't look big on these photos because I've been sucking it in all along haha well it's not THAT BIG. I just gained a lot of weight last summer. 

Oh, BTW my photographer would be Bea Rosco, a good friend of mine. I already told her to make her own blog but she's on a " I'm going to think about it" stage. I also told Hanna to make a blog and she already said yes. so, I'm planning to make her one maybe later tonight after class. 

ohh well, I need to stop rambling now since it will bore you to death. Here are the photos of what I wore today.

// Black Hat-SM Department Store // // Top-ZARA// // Belt-from my mother's closet. // // Black Lace Pants-Dickies (Gold Edition) // // Shoes- Folded and Hung // Rings-Shop and Mix (Iloilo City) // Black Bag-HUMAN // 

This is one of my favorite photos with Hanna. =D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bloggers United: Summer Bazaar.

Hey guys! 

Are you guys ready for another big Bazaar coming your way? Here's the Bloggers United Summer Bazaar! June 2, 2012/Saturday at Grand Events Place, Makati  I hope I'll see you all there. Look your best guys and shop til you drop shopaholics!  

The Comeback.

Hey girls! 

How have you been? Since It's school days for me, I finally made a COMEBACK FASHION BLOG which contains my everyday outfits to school and how that day treated me.

Today, school was same old same old. Nothing new actually still the same old boring day. althought, I really enjoy my Jose Rizal, Filipino13, World Literature and Catholic in the Modern World classes. I did enjoy eating lunch with my friend Hanna. 

This day was very very stressful in a way that I have so much to do in so little time. My groupmates and I planed a Puppet show presentation for World Literature class, which, it ended up nothing because we are doing it on Thursday in which for me is pretty good. More time to prepare but I'm having second thoughts on presenting it though.... 

 now, For my outfit of the day: May 30, 2012

// Long Cardigan-Ukay-Ukay// Pencil Skirt-Local boutique in Bacolod // Doll Shoes-Folded and Hung // Top- Divisoria // Necklace-FOREVER21 // Earrings-ALDO // 

My friend Hanna A.K.A. Hanna Banana

Friday, May 18, 2012



 Hey guys!
Well since summer is almost over for me and I'll be going back to Manila tomorrow, I decided to post this trip with my mom and with my lovely titas. We all went to Bacolod City, Philippines and all we did was eat and eat and eat all day! I have to say they have some awesome food! We went to the old house named The Ruins and it's my 2nd time in visiting that awesome old house.

We stayed at the OHotel and I always stay there whenever we visit Bacolod since it's only an 1 hour Boat ride away from Iloilo so what the heck right?

so here are some of the photos that I took.



They have awesome cakes!!!! YUMMY! =D

With my mom! <3

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Young, Wild and Free

Hey guys! 

well, since it's almost opening of classes (for us) My High School Friends and I decided to do a little photo Shoot inspired by the song YOUNG WILD AND FREE BY: WIZ KHALIFA & SNOOP DOGG although We might not agree on smoking weeds right?

Summer is almost ending and rainy season is coming up and it has been raining here in my Province and I am just loving the rain. After all those Hot and Humid days... is now coming to an end. 

Since school is starting again I bought a lot of goods for school outfits and I might do some Photo shoots as well but anyway, this is it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed these photos I got for you.