Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Comeback.

Hey girls! 

How have you been? Since It's school days for me, I finally made a COMEBACK FASHION BLOG which contains my everyday outfits to school and how that day treated me.

Today, school was same old same old. Nothing new actually still the same old boring day. althought, I really enjoy my Jose Rizal, Filipino13, World Literature and Catholic in the Modern World classes. I did enjoy eating lunch with my friend Hanna. 

This day was very very stressful in a way that I have so much to do in so little time. My groupmates and I planed a Puppet show presentation for World Literature class, which, it ended up nothing because we are doing it on Thursday in which for me is pretty good. More time to prepare but I'm having second thoughts on presenting it though.... 

 now, For my outfit of the day: May 30, 2012

// Long Cardigan-Ukay-Ukay// Pencil Skirt-Local boutique in Bacolod // Doll Shoes-Folded and Hung // Top- Divisoria // Necklace-FOREVER21 // Earrings-ALDO // 

My friend Hanna A.K.A. Hanna Banana

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