Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Friday the 13th Humans!

Hey Guys! 
Sorry I haven't posted this as soon as possible. My Apologies. Anyhow, I don't believe with all the bad luck shit people would usually say...especially Friday the 13th but although I lost My clear book but it doesn't mean I'm no luck at all that day. It turned out I had a blast! First thing would be it was the 18th birthday of one of my friend Janine and we gave white roses for her as a sign of friendship. So for that I went to school early in the morning for her not to see me bringing a bouquet of flowers to school, that would be weird and all. 

So, This would be my outfit of the day...
This was taken at my dorm.
I want to say thank you to Bea for taking these photos.

// Pants - Divisoria // Top - Mango // Necklace - Forever21 // Rings - Shop and Mix // Glad Sandals - SM   Department Store // Bag- Michael Kors // 

After class, Maybe around 6:00PM One of my good friend, Pauline visited me at my place and I was really happy to see her again and be able to talked to her just like old times. She even brought me Milk Tea because she knows I love Milk Tea. I was just so glad to see her and hang out with her again. 

After hanging out with Pauline, My other friends invited me to a night out so since I have nothing to do and I'm all alone at my place because My good friend, Bea went home. I went with Charles, Lean and Jason. We went to MOA and did some crazy ass stuff. We ate dinner at some place which I can't remember. HAHA! 

After eating dinner we walked around the bay side of Metro Manila. After walking Charles and I did this slide balloon thing which was really fun. We felt like a little kids playing around while Jason was taking some great Photos of us. 

The Best part is we went into this club and Danced our hearts out until 3:00AM in morning.
I can't wait til the next episode of our hang outs. 

Here are some photos of the great night I had with them...  

Charles and Jason waiting for out dinner.

Lean and I.

Charles and Her Coffee Bean 2012 Planner. Yaay to that!

The Tallest Ferris Wheel @MOA.

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