Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stressing Aztec and Dipped

Hey guys!

I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile since our finals are coming up this week and by that... PROJECTS AND REPORTS ARE MADLY OVER FLOWING EVERYWHERE! I've been stressing out in school lately and I've been busy with the family last weekend as well but don't worry! I have lots of new stuff to show you guys so stay tune for that!

Anyway! I would really like to thank my awesome photographer named Calvin Cheng. He's an awesome photographer Promise! I can never say Thank you enough! hahaha! 

So last Friday was very stressful since we had a report in our Poligov class, hence the haggard look on my face! so pardon me for looking so tired in the photos that I'm going to show you. I hope you guys like the outfit though... I just want to be comfy because there's a lot of errands to do so here are the photos!



 Shoes- H&M

 Top-SM Department Store

SO HAGGARD LOOKING! HAHAHAHA! SORRY.... I don't like how I look either hahaha!

Hope you guys liked it!
Have an awesome week ahead of you! =D

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