Monday, August 13, 2012

Moments like this

Hey Guys!

How was your weekend so far? Mine was tiring although it was worth it. Had an amazing time with friends that I haven't seen for days since I went to Singapore and since the school got suspended. hehe. Tomorrow I'll go back to school again and I don't feel like it. I've been unprodective lately since there's nothing to do actually. haha! One week of suspension did not help me. I became so lazy.=(

Anyway! speaking of friends... I went to Cavite with them last weekend to actually have our term break. That's what my friend, Hanna told us. We had a little vacation and it was hella fun! I'm looking forward for another one! hahaha (Antipolo "daw" maybe?). 

Back to the main point of this blog. So this is our last day in Singapore and we decided to spend our last day in Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We checked in and I have to say, the place was AMAZING! It was my first time to stay in that Hotel. 

My mom and I watched Annie, A musical broadway show, showen in Marina Bay Sands Theater. Annie is my favorite Musical since I was a kid. I know all the songs from that musical and I have to say it was the best experince ever! Thanks to the Best Mother in the world! =D

So here are the photos of the hotel and of course, my outfit.
BTW, I made or should I say... I designed the bottoms I'm wearing and I'm loving it! =) Proud Bella over here! =D

//Vest- SM Department Store// //Top-Divisoria// //Gold Belt-Mother's Closet// //Pants-ME =)// //Flats-Tomato// //Bag-Human// //Necklace-Landmark// //Gold Bracelet-Forver21// //Shades-Forever21//

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