Saturday, December 22, 2012

Walking On Sunshine (Day 1)

Hey Guys!

Nothing beats the Summer breeze during December. How awesome would that be? I personally like going to the beach during this season because it is not too hot nor cold. sometimes, I do visit the beach during summer season although I just can't handle the HOTNESS lol ahahaha!

I went for a Vintage look inspired by Taylor Swift. I don't know why but people keep saying that it reminds them of Taylor Swift especially her new album Red. although, it would look more vintage like if I was wearing the pointed sun glasses. 

I am just really annoyed by the person at the back. EPAAAL! Kidding guys! mehehehehe.

This was actually the first day we were in Boracay and I tell you, we did ate a lot! I just don't have enough time to take pictures of the good food they have. PATAY GUTOM! 0.0

Here are some pictures with the awesome people I'm with. 

I can feel the heat! Hoping to go back this summer? or maybe December. Pwede both?

This is a wonderful view of Boracay! 

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Andrea Milagrosa B. Castelo said...

I <3 the Taylor Swift inspired Swimsuit. :)