Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Soft Opening

Hey Guys! Today was the Soft Opening of our new resto Bistro Ocean City so my friends and I decided to hang out all day until the night of the soft opening. We had an adventure that day. Honestly speaking, It was tiring but we did had lots of fun. 

 We went to the house of my friend, Janelle to get some make-up HAHA!
This is her room. It was full of butterflies. 

 After getting some make up in Janelle's house,  we went to coffee break in smallville. we hanged out until 6pm waiting for some friends to arrive because some of them went with their college friends first so it's fine with me. we were able to talk and we got some fresh air... relaxing.. 

My High School Friends (Me, Loyd, Val, Andrea and Janelle)
 When our other two friends arrived, we went in my house to get dressed up and get our make up done by our make-up artist, Janelle. She's really good at it. we all looked pretty that night, and of course some of the outfits are by me. 

  at Bistro Ocean City but we had floyd's for dinner! HAHAHA!
It was served inside our Restro. 

 My Brother, the two cooks and waiters in our resto.

Val, me and Janelle

Yummy sweets! 

Andrea and I
we ate our sweets here. At Nothing but desserts. 

We went home after all of the food we ate. HAHA Loyd and Val went to have a sleepover in my house and it was really really fun. Yup this is my messy room. 

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