Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black and White Drama

Hey Guys!

It's been awhile since my last outfit of the day blog. I've been really busy and lazy at the same time. hahaha is that even possible? Oh well, Today I'm planing to rest for the whole 5 hours of my break in my dorm. I'm actually watching a movie with my good friend Bea. She's been hanging out a lot inside my room. haha!

Moving on, I'll be going to Singapore next week. Thursday but my Mom is going to arrive here around Wednesday, so, I'm pretty excited about that. I already laid out my clothes on my bed but It's not ready yet. after I mix and match my clothes, I'm all ready to pack them. 

I'll be doing some awesome outfits of the day in Singapore, so watch out for that!

So anyway! Here's my outfit of the day! 

// Long Cardigan-Ukay-ukay// //Hat-SM Accessories// //Top-Robinson's Place// //Skirt-Robinson's Place// //Bracelet-Shop and Mix Iloilo City// //Necklace-Gorgeous Iloilo City// //Bag-Human//

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