Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stormy Night Stories.

Hey Guys!

It's been a scary night last night and at the same time it was kinda fun. I don't know how you match those situations together at the same time but it was. I'm going to talk about it later. So, keep reading after the pictures. 

 First, I went out to attend Sunday Mass together with my friends namely, Jessica and Leandro. It was already raining hard and it was already flooding outside my dorm that's why I wore my comfy boots. 

Here are some of the pictures for my outfit: 


Black Pants-Mengside

Black Bag-H&M

Black Boots-Figlia

moving on, I really want to tell you guys what happened last night here at my dorm. hahaha

 So when I went back home from Mass and Dinner, All was fine and normal at that time.
 I was watching a movie and decided to go to another room  to have a little girl to girl chit-chat with my good friends, namely Kim and Kat. We are already in our deepest conversation then suddenly, the lights started to flicker and some other girls in other rooms started to scream but we stayed "CHIIL" we kept talking and talking but I can see the fear in my friend's eyes hahaha. 

The lights were still flickering and finally all the lights went off, there was no electricity at all. Then everybody started screaming, running outside of their rooms. Suddenly everybody started screaming even louder because there was this huge explosion outside our dorm windows. That's when I felt kind of scared.

We ALL started rushing down the stairs to the lobby, since the elevator was out of service.
 The wind was so strong and cold. We can see it through the window and it was darn, scary as hell! The trees were bending and I can hear the roaring sound of the cold wind outside the window. As we reached the second floor, we can see the lobby was jam packed with all the boarders, even outside of our dorm was full of people watching the storm rushing in the city (mga chismosa and chismoso) haha Kidding! =D

What annoys us is that people are still screaming even though there's nothing to scream about. I don't know with them but they think it's cool but for us it's creeping us out. We stayed at the lobby for how many minutes then decided to go to the second floor, at the visitor's area not knowing that it's also jam packed with boarders. We decided to stay there and I called up two of my good friends namely Hanna and Kenan.

After talking to them we decided to go up to check if the emergency lights are on, and it was. Yeepee!
We stayed inside my friend's room and we decided to have a sleepover together with Kat, Kim, and Jessica.

So that is my story. Sorry I made it super long. =D
Stay Safe Everyone!

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