Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey Guys! 

So, I'm having my 6 hrs break. My friends and I were hanging out in Upad. We are so bored and did a lot of videos. We are lip singing and dancing at the same time in front of a lot of people while recording it. We don't care! hahahaha! 

Why Nostalgia for my title? because, My midterms is already done and I need to welcome Finals! hahaha yeah right! 

Anyway! This is my outfit for today!


All the clothes I'm wearing, from head to toe are the once I bought from MOA'S End of season sale except for my bag, shades, Necklace and Cardigan although I think it's available. So if you like my outfit, you can visit MOA and grab one of them before the sale ends! (July6-15) so hurry! 

// Shoes-Tomato// //Top-SM Department Store// //Cardigan-Terranova// //Shades-Forever21// //Pants-Uniqlo// Necklace-Shop and Mix Iloilo City//   

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