Thursday, July 5, 2012

Colors, Stripes and Dots.

Hey guys!

Today was my first day of midterms and I have to say the test was kind of hard especially my Filipino exam. I also took my World Literature Exam which it took me the whole period to answer the test. It was okay although most of the questions are in essay form. It took a lot of time.... It was tiring, writing down all those sentences and phrases. I hope my opinion in those questiones that I've answered was pleasing to my professor.
My first Exam was pretty good actually, It was Jose Rizal. The test was pretty easy although I'm not sure with one answer.  I hope I got it right!

So, My flu is almost gone, no fever, less colds but I've been coughing like crazy. Ohh well, 4 more exams to go then I'm done with Midterms!

Anyway! Here's my outfit of the day! Simple day outfit! (Lazy Day because it's Midterms! hahaha kidding!)

Have an awesome day! 

//Cardigan-Terranova// //Dress-Robinson's Mall// //Shoes-Market Market, Fashion Market// //Bag-Market Market, Fashion Market// //Necklace-Gorgeous Iloilo City//

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